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Host a Screening Event 

You can bring this important film to your campus, theater, conference, organization, or community venue by booking an in-person or virtual screening. Please complete the Screening/Event Request Form below if you are interested in hosting a screening of The Art of Un-War.  You can also book the filmmaker Maria Niro, as a speaker for your event and the artist Krzysztof Wodiczko if he is available. Maria has spoken at numerous events including Harvard Art Museums, the National Gallery of Art DC, CUNY, and at other universities, festivals, and nonprofit organizations.  When paired with a Q&A or panel discussion, the event can offer a unique opportunity for you to engage with your members or the community. You can use the screening for fundraising, advocacy, or public education. Be sure to indicate on the form if you'd like the filmmaker and the artist to be present. 

Benefits of Hosting a Screening


The Art of Un-War is an impactful film with visually engaging content for audiences that creates positive discussions on how art can be integrated into peacebuilding. The film sparks dialogue about ways to end wars, conflict, and xenophobia and promotes diversity and inclusion. The Art of Un-War has been screened in museums, art spaces, and campuses. The film helps to:

  • Educate others on the role art can play to create social change

  • Creates awareness of the struggles that war veterans, migrants, and refugees face across the world

  • Bridge racial divides

  • Broaden people’s view of monuments and their relationship to war

  • Foster a better understanding of the role art can play in peacebuilding

  • Provokes discussions about social justice and the potential for social change

  • Sparks conversation about diversity and representation

Book a screening now by completing a Screening/Event Request Form


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